Based in Maputo, Mozambique, INVALCO (Investments Value Company) is dedicated to being a distinctive company by identifying and directly participating in viable high growth projects. INVALCO is committed to its core philosophies of:
  • Adding value by generating a high yield profitability for its investors
  • Reliability and commitment
  • Strong risk management evaluation
  • Corporate governance
Africa is a promising upcoming continent, old but yet young, trying to find it’s footing so that it can become a strong player in the global economy. INVALCO’s team,with its unique management skills, gives INVALCO a leading edge in effectively harnessing this potential in the most effective manner.

Our Investments

  • Smart Technologies

    IT, Property

    We are the leading IT Services company in Mozambique. We work with leading brands and are the dedicated service provider...

  • Marginal Apartments

    Commercial, Property

    Due to begin in early 2013, this mixed use development is situated across the Radisson Hotel. The development will deliver...

  • Times Square

    Commercial, Property

    One of the first mixed use commercial developments on Avenida 25 de Setembro, the commercial hub of the Capital.

  • Sommerschield Gardens

    Property, Residential

    Located in the heart of Sommerschield 2, our high end development has taken residential property to the next level. Ideally...

  • Golf Course

    Property, Tourism

    We have embarked on the journey to provide an enchanting environment for residential buyers. We are developing a Golf Course...

  • Maputo Private Hospital

    Healthcare, Property

    The Maputo Private Hospital, is the first fully functional private Hospital in Mozambique. A joint venture between Invalco and Lenmed...